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Gmail – Social & Promotions Tabs – make them go away
6- gmail-remove social and promotions tabs

A couple of months ago google added some extra organizing to their gmail.  I am all for trying new things, so I have and now I am clear it is not the right organizing system for me.  In the last couple of weeks I have missed important emails from clients over six times.  I now…

Top 20 Organizing Products I Recommend to Clients
closet logic

Extra Tips for Organizing Student From Last Night I provided my last Community Education organizing class last evening.  It was entitled: Organizing-Contain Your Home and Closets.  After the class finished I read the reviews from all fourteen students. One of them noted that I did provide many specific examples of products to utilize. This person…

But I paid a lot for that
XM Radio Speakers- The company is gone and the who uses this anymore?

Many times when working with organizing clients we will hit an issue that goes like this: “But, I paid a lot of money for that and it IS top of the line”   Top of the line  more than 3 years ago in electronics means it has little or no resale value left and needs to…

How are your actions making your customers feel?
2013-02-13 Sams Club Flowers by JoyGenea1

How are your actions making your customers feel? Last week I mentioned that I was less than satisfied with my television provider, then had switched to an even worse situation before ultimately discovering my new happy solution of live-stream television. The story of how that happened provides some entertainment value, but moreover it provides an…

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