Silent Talking is not Listening

Silent Talking – is not LISTENING I was reading the “Art of Negotiation” by Dr. Henry Cloud and the term just caught me. How often do I silent talk? Gerard I. Nierenberg and Henry H. Calero describe it on page 52’ “It’s what so many of us are doing when we think we’re listening. Unconsciously, […]

UPDATE from What if your Parent’s went on Your First Date?

AUDIO/VIDEO VERSION [After a broken engagement, an Indian friend agreed to his parents wishes for a traditional arranged marriage.  See LINK TO FIRST ARTICLE.] “The Date” was actually two meetings about an hour and a half each. Always with all family members. They were able to talk about a few things. She had taken the […]

Top 20 Organizing Products I Recommend to Clients

Extra Tips for Organizing Student From Last Night I provided my last Community Education organizing class last evening.  It was entitled: Organizing-Contain Your Home and Closets.  After the class finished I read the reviews from all fourteen students. One of them noted that I did provide many specific examples of products to utilize. This person […]

But I paid a lot for that

Many times when working with organizing clients we will hit an issue that goes like this: “But, I paid a lot of money for that and it IS top of the line”   Top of the line  more than 3 years ago in electronics means it has little or no resale value left and needs to […]

How live-stream TV saved me $100 per month

How live-stream TV saved me $100 per month Paying over $200 per month on internet and television prompted me to request new equipment from my provider after 4 years of rental. A decline to this request lead me to explore new options. Sadly, there were not many local options in our area, and the one […]

How hard would you fight?

  How hard would you fight for your happiness and life?  In fall of 2010 I was hired by my clients children to help her downsize.  She had lived in the same house for 20+ years, raised all her kids in that house and along the way had acquired a lot of possessions from all […]